Which are the best muscle building workouts?

Which are the best muscle building workouts?

Right from the moment you step into the gym for the first time feeling awestruck at all the jacked up bodies lollygagging in front of the mirror, you will have one single goal like a horse with blinders on. You need to gain muscle, and you need to gain it in as less time as you possibly can.

At the onset, it is normal to over think about muscle building workouts.

Should I follow the 5-day workout routine to build muscle? Should I target two major muscle groups in a single day? Will hitting too much of compound exercises result in overtraining? Should I be working on isolation movements?


As a beginner, your goal should be to build up strength and induce muscle hypertrophy, which can happen with straightforward but effective rules. You do not need to fuss or break a sweat over it at all.

Here are the top Muscle Building Exercises for Beginners.

The Full Body Workout Routine

Powerful Testo Booster

Powerful Testo Booster

One of the advantages of the beginner phase is that with the right nutrition and workout routine, the results that you seek can be achieved a lot faster than what you imagine. It is after a while that you will hit a plateau that you may find difficult to break. But until then, time is on your side. Make the most of it.

The full body three-day muscle building workout routine is considered to be the gold standard for beginners. It includes some of the most fundamental muscle building exercises muscle building exercises that target multiple muscle groups in the entire body. And why is it so effective?

  • You will involve most of the large muscle groups in the body which translates into more testosterone released while you rest. The results of more testosterone are apparent.
  • Beginners make most of the gains when they train less and allow the body to recuperate. Once your body gets adapted to the workout plan, you can start introducing progressive overloads.
  • Typical 3-day full body workout routines to build muscle contain the most basic but essential exercises like barbell squat, bench press, pull-ups, military presses and barbell curls. Apart from the benefits of going free weight, it also lets you practice and gets your form right for each one of these workouts before proceeding to more advanced moves.

Remember, in the gym; it is always quality over quantity. You want to get your form perfected before you move on. Once you have completed a three-day full body routine for three to six months, you can graduate to programs like the four-day split which can involve more isolation moves for individual muscle groups.

Isolating the muscle groups

Everybody wants to make isolation moves. Apart from getting insanely good pumps, there is also an inherent cool factor about hitting the bicep preacher curl or the pectoral deck machine. But there is a method to the madness, and if you are a beginner, you have a very thin line to tread. Even if you go overboard by the slightest margin, the chances are that you may end up overtraining your body thereby hampering your chances of recovering faster and risking injury.

Here are the most common isolation workout plans for men to build muscle:

Good muscle definition

Muscle Building Workouts – Arms

The Arms:

The guns as they are commonly called in bodybuilding circles are a bodybuilder’s most visible body part and also one that’s almost considered as a symbol of a good physique. Thankfully, they are also the easiest part to train to get satisfactory results. You should be focusing on exercises that target the different heads of both bicep and triceps muscles. A sample workout would involve barbell curl, alternating dumbbell curls, bicep cable curls, triceps pushdowns, rope tricep overhead extensions and a close grip bench press. This is of course; open for tons of variations and possibilities. But that’ just about sums up what you should be aiming to perform.

The Chest:

If you have ever seen ‘Pumping Iron’, the legendary documentary in which some of the big boys of the bodybuilding world in the seventies work out, you’d be familiar with the scene in which Arnold Schwarzenegger performs the best pec workout, the dumbbell press on the bench. That is one of the most perfectly defined pectoral muscles that have ever been seen in bodybuilding. And that’s what you must aim to achieve. Even if you get 50% close, you will make others drool at those pecs. The Barbell bench press is the granddaddy of all pectoral muscle exercises and any chest workouts for mass are incomplete without it. Other than this, any good chest workouts will target the multiple muscles in the chest. Some of them are, incline dumbbell press, chest dips, bench cable fly, decline machine press, and seated machine chest press. If you have an excellent push-up stand, you can perform a lot of pec workouts at home too.

The Legs:

Last but not the least; you cannot ignore the foundation of your body. How many times have you seen an excellent ripped upper body on scrawny chicken legs? That’s one of the biggest rookie mistakes that people still do despite being repeatedly informed. Let’s face it. Legs are not fun to hit. You don’t get an instant pump or instant gratification for it. Not to mention that it is challenging and can cause a lot of fatigue. But any muscle building workout plan should have a dedicated leg day where you will squat your heart out and do heavy duty deadlifts and lunges. Looking for a good muscle mass workout? There you have it. Squats are the key.

Leg Muscles

Build your leg muscles

Which are the best muscle building workouts – Conclusion

That just about sums it up. Everything that is being sold, written or preached online about muscle building workouts is based on these fundamental aspects. As a beginner, this is all that you will need for the first two to three years of your bodybuilding crusade. If you follow this religiously, you should be able to achieve your fitness goals no matter how difficult it seems at the moment.




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